Our Services

Our Services

Easy, breezy beverage manufacturing.

Taking care of
every detail

We look after the entire manufacturing process in-house, from conception right through to distribution. We’ve negotiated the sharpest prices you’ll find, leveraging our relationships with the best suppliers in the industry.

You can expect a smooth, stress-free manufacturing experience when you work with us, allowing you to get back to business and focus on building your brand.


Our Process

1. Got a bright idea for a new beverage? We’ll bring it to life, helping take care of product development and sourcing everything you need, including ingredients, cans and packaging.

2. The raw ingredients for your beverage are delivered to our manufacturing facility and then blended in tanks by our careful, attentive production team. If your beverage is sparkling, it will be carbonated to the exact right level by our in-line carbonation unit, ensuring a smooth, consistent mouthfeel.

3. Your empty cans arrive at the factory on pallets and are unloaded by our speedy depalletiser. We typically work with 250ml, 330ml or 500ml cans, but we can easily adjust our canning equipment to accommodate other sizes if preferred.

4. Our depalletiser loads the cans onto a conveyor belt, whisking them down the canning line to be filled with your delicious beverage at a rate of 18,000 cans per hour.

5. Your beverage continues its journey down the canning line. Still beverages are dosed with nitrogen, which pressurises the can to avoid crushing during distribution.

6. The cans travel from our canning line into the tunnel pasteuriser, where they’re heat-treated to kill pathogens and prolong the shelf life of your beverage. Our tunnel pasteuriser can pasteurise to any level required, typically 10-15 PU.

7. Next, our Fill-Tech x-ray machine checks each can to make sure the fill height is spot on, rejecting any under-filled cans.

8. Your beverage is packed into retail-ready paperboard cartons or loose into shipping boxes. We generally use 4-packs, 6-packs, 8-packs and 10-packs, but we can work with other types of packaging too.

9. Finally, your finished beverage is barcoded, date-coded, palletised, wrapped and racked, ready for distribution (and market domination).

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